Lucy you were right~

    What you said tonite got me thinking and I think you are totally right, it does make me feel better if I think like that (refer to my Sandi say:)….and the rest lah you know lah… I can finally see a light infront of me…showing my path forward…though I’m still holding on to something….but I’m confident that I’ll get over it….I finally can get over my "stupid" stage and all those emotion stuff….I need to be confident and that’s what I’m going to do….Confident show a sign of beauty too…haha….apart from my pinpels and black eye…..I do hope that I can look more attractive…haha..every gal’s dream yeah?? Anyway….that’s how I’m feeling now and let’s hope I can keep it that way until forever…..*hug hug*…you are a great friend Lucy….I should be helping you to 分擔你的問題,instead….you solve my pain…..THX…late late now..better sleep and have a confident day 2molo…haha

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