Melb Uni Open Day

    Today, I was one of the volunteer for open day. I was the ICT guide…and its was fun…I’ve got a free t-shirt….and met lots of ppl….and pointing others to the CSSE information desk..haha…yes…We want more ppl into the CSSE department….its was fun….friends were there doing the ICT guide too….We give out a very sharp looking yellow phemlet….and dirtect them to Theatre 1 for presentation. I missed the presentation on how to stop hackers though..I was really interest in that one…..oh well…next year I’ll join again….its fun~!! But sadly…I’ve caught a cold afterward…while I was heading to the bus stop I think….now..I’ve got runny nose….block nose…and a bit of cough….so not good for now…since I’ve got an assignment to hand in 2molo lei….sigh…and many more to come…so sad~~

One thought on “Melb Uni Open Day

  1. I caught a cold too. I think it might because there were so many people –> more germs 😦
    Hope you are feeling better!
    To be honest, I\’d never thought I would like volunteer work, but I thought it was quite satisfying 😛

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