Dinner at Teresa’s

    Today, went to uni late for the 340 work session coz I woke up late. Then need to go to Maccas to grab brunch or else I don’t know when can I eat. BB was with me ga…he drove me to Uni today…sweety bb he was….MUAH….Then did coding till 5 and start walking to Teresa’s place. I haven’t been to her place since she moved, so I’ve got the address and try my best to walk there. I walk there, but then I didn’t know where it was. I was on the wrong side of the road!!! I kept having the thought that her place will be the side of the street I’m walking, and you guessed right…I was wrong lei. But I was really close to it, just need to walk across the street and there it is. The place is really cool, I like it alot. Irene and Yujie were there when I arrived. Though I know I arrived a bit late, Teresa’s room was sooooooooooo nice lei…..so decorative….Then was sitting there watching a movie I’ve watched the night before…Teresa was busy cooking, I offer to help, but I don’t know what I can do to help =P….Later then, Jessica came …. hehe…we all chatted a bit and it was good fun…….Teresa’s housemate Donna join us for dinner….and I ate alot and alot and alot…..two bowl of rice lei..and lots of dishes….hehe..big eater tonite…and then chatted a bit again….hahah…so funny lei……then have dessert….yummy yum yum ….chocolate brownies…..really really really nice….. Teresa really can cook ga….. I want to have dinner like this once in a while….quite fun and its good to catch up ah…..heheh…Miss them so much lei…..hehehe…anyway….I had a really fun nite….thx gals…..

One thought on “Dinner at Teresa’s

  1. Hi hi, Lucy here. Haven\’t talked to you for a long long long….time. Hehe. It\’s all my comp\’s fault, coz it broke down during my sem break. Anyway, have to catch up one day.

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