Endless night for 340

    I’m still awake…why? Coz i’m doing my 340 coding and preparation work. We’ve got this IDEA lab at 2pm to test the usability of our system. I think our system is pretty cool, though its not really complete. Hehe….add oil add oil~~ soon…I’ll be dead….I don’t think I can sleep 2nite as well…since need to get the 342 working and start the project……hahaha….then still got others to do lah….343 to change…..sigh~!!!!!! If I faint…I won’t be surprise…..haha….take care ppl~~

One thought on “Endless night for 340

  1. You really should get some sleep Sandy … We still have many years to live … More importantly is try to turn your body clock back to daytime. Some people may work more efficient at night, I think it\’s only the habit, once you get use to it it\’ll be fine, although it might take a while. Afterall, good luck with your study and keep a healthy body to support your work!
    Support you x 2

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