ICT Panorama 2006

    As in few hours time, all 340 and 440 will join together to have this "ICT Panorama 2006" event happening. Becoz of that, many of us had stay behind in ICT busy our busy with torturing the keyboard. Our team is no expection!! Though, it was quite an enjoyable night. I had KFC for dinner (after I said I should eat more healthy in the afternoon). Thx to Team I for the saving voucher, 5 people sharing just cost $5 each and that is something worth buying. Anyway, after dinner in the ICT. Went straight back to the lab and start coding away. I was trying to find a solution like in javascript that with a drop down menu, it will not change back to the first selection even after the site have reload. I wasn’t having any luck before, then I suddenly thought of an idea and it work!! Haha…but I’m using a cheap arse way, just a if loop to end this pain. As BB said, as long as it work. I was the only one from my team that stay till late~!! Ellie left at around 10 and that is consider to be late already (to me). I went home at around 11:30pm. Luckily I’ve got my BB to drive me home. Team I leave at the same time too~~ anyway….Big day 2molo. 2nd level at Law Building considering this is a late notice~~ anyone interest in it can come; 2-5pm. One of the requriement for us is to dress "buinessly". Hm…that is always been a problem to me. I don’t have those type of outfit…as ppl who know me that …I dress more toward the guyish type….I’ve found a match..but look like I’m going back to high school instead…. =.=….not to mention I only have high school shoes to go with it… ><….oh well…better get some sleep now…and hope it will be a wonderful experience 2molo~!! Good luck Team Cactus and Team I~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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