A late one

    I think I should at least leave a Merry Christmas message in here…but I was too lazy to do so…nothing speical

Blah Blah

    I’m getting really lazy with this blog now….hm…but nothing really exciting happen..since I’m just going to work more during holiday…..but next year…..Ho Mei going to close for two weeks I think for holiday…then I’m going on a trip…..at least I want to be on a road trip…stay out for a few days and nites…to relax and get the stress out of me from the year….hehe…yeah yeah~~ let’s hope I can go to some place cool….

Special Consideration: No Appropriate Action

    For those who had chatted to me during Exam period would know that I’ve got sick. I applied for speical consideration and this is the reply I’ve got :

Special Consideration: No Appropriate Action

Student Number: XXXXXX (Keep this as a secret)
Name: Ms Chin Iong Sandy Wong
Application Number: 200601                                             

Your application for special consideration has been considered and it
has been agreed that no action was appropriate.

So the conclusion is that, Apply == Not Appply. Since they didn’t help me with my mark or anything.
P.S. Got my results today and I’m happy with it!!

Meko Meko

    Meko Meko, don’t forget our agreement ah….let’s play on Wednesday ah …wat time are you free and remember to creat an account ah~~ hehe…leave me a msg here and tell me when u r freel ah~~