To study or not to study…

    That’s the question I’ve asked myself so many times today. That made it become an unproductive day, well not totally unproductive, just a little bit. 2molo I’ve got this graphic mid-sem test which worth nothing. So, make no different if I get 0 or 100. The thing is I won’t feel good if I end up with a 0 which I’m pretty sure I will. On the other hand, I need to finish off my 380 project that is due on wednesday. Sigh, life is full of choices and dead ends. I don’t know what to choose, I guess, I’ll study, but just for a little while, then concentrate on my project. Hope I won’t end up getting a 0 after I study for a bit, at least let me answer 1 question…haha…so it won’t look so ugly. 

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