Happy Birthday Wing!!!

    Happy Birthday Wing!!! Today is your special day, so please go wild, go crazy, go nut and enjoy your speical day~~!!!! I hope you had a great time with us last Friday and had enjoy it as much as I do.  We love you~~~
    This pic will look weird if view in Firefox, anyway, I colour this in specially for you Wing. I want to do a better job, but IE is not letting me. Anyway, enjoy~!!!!!!!


    怎麽辦了? 離人生尾二的考試不遠,但我還是不知道畢業后會怎樣。
(嘆氣) 我想找工作,但我做得來嗎? 覺得很迷茫,前路不明啊。
如果找不到怎麽辦呢? 我覺得自己還沒 ready,可是沒 ready
也得 ready lah,沒時間了。我很怕,非常怕。我可以只留在家嗎?
危險意識,就說做人家老婆啊,做家庭主婦。她給我反應是: "不
是嗎? 這不行的,你不想做工嗎?不想自己earn money 嗎??" 我的
回答是:"不想。" 這個想法到了上年才改變,很沒用吧?? 到了
上年,我覺得這樣不行,要earn money 養家,要save 錢將來
為自己make 一個家。這,我還沒 ready 的說。好煩人啊!!!!!!
我不知道自己可以做些什麽,要對自己有信心吧? 我頭腦不
清醒啦!!!!!!!!!! 不知道想做什麽啦!!!

No one is on…

    Damn it, no one is online at 4:50am. Not even oversea friends, actually I’m not "that" surprise since it will be like what – 2:50am to them? Oh well, just kinda finish with my 678 write up. I didn’t plan for it to take this long, after I finish this blog, I’ll need to force my self to keep going with 380. As I’m typing this, I feel like I’m like a robot. My eyes are wide open but with slow reaction. My head is a bit stuffy atm as well. I am sick, cough, headach, weak stomach….blah blah blah…..sigh……what matters now is to finish my two projects that are due on monday. How am I going to survive??? I’m tired..very tired..but there is nothing I can do…too bad..oh well…better keep going with my work or else I’ll be like slice into pieces…muwahahahahah


    I was watching Heroes while having my dinner before. The scenes inside just freak me out, they are not suppose to be watch alone. Its too scary and violent. All those blood scens just creep me out a lot, I’m not into those bloody scenes. Just not me….