No one is on…

    Damn it, no one is online at 4:50am. Not even oversea friends, actually I’m not "that" surprise since it will be like what – 2:50am to them? Oh well, just kinda finish with my 678 write up. I didn’t plan for it to take this long, after I finish this blog, I’ll need to force my self to keep going with 380. As I’m typing this, I feel like I’m like a robot. My eyes are wide open but with slow reaction. My head is a bit stuffy atm as well. I am sick, cough, headach, weak stomach….blah blah blah…..sigh……what matters now is to finish my two projects that are due on monday. How am I going to survive??? I’m tired..very tired..but there is nothing I can do…too bad..oh well…better keep going with my work or else I’ll be like slice into pieces…muwahahahahah

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