Happy Birthday Wing!!!

    Happy Birthday Wing!!! Today is your special day, so please go wild, go crazy, go nut and enjoy your speical day~~!!!! I hope you had a great time with us last Friday and had enjoy it as much as I do.  We love you~~~
    This pic will look weird if view in Firefox, anyway, I colour this in specially for you Wing. I want to do a better job, but IE is not letting me. Anyway, enjoy~!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wing!!!

  1. hi san san…i had an ok day la…didn\’t do much..but last friday was cool..you gals!!! i will never forget that day..you guys are much more thoughtful than my bf… he didn\’t even give me flowers….hey..don\’t forget we need to go out after exam…can\’t wait..haha

  2. haha….flowers…will only appear in special day, but according to the "real world" dictionary Birthday will not be special enough to receive flowers. Think about it, ppl will give flowers during valentines\’ day, 1 month together, 1 year, marriage anniversary etc etc, haven\’t see much ppl giving out flowers on Birhtday. So, the conculsion is we should enforce Brithday is a very special day and we demand flowers!!!!!! kakak…I\’m going nut….

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