Computer crisis (Cloudy)

    2 nights ago, I finally manage to get Richard over to add in my new hard drive and format. I was happy that now it gains up to 250 + 80 GB of disk space (YES, I need that many to save my junks!!!!). Also I’ve got a new addictive game to play. At around 8ish pm, I wanted to use the interent to search for any interesting place to go today, but my internet connection died on me. I thought it was my computer but turn out its Optus that was having the problem. Then at 10ish pm I was re-chucking my junks into my D drive from my removable. Finally done and got the program disks from Richard. I want to install "something" onto my computer but then after I restart, it couldn’t allow me to get back into window!!!!!! I was pissed off and frustrated. I tried sooooooooo many times, it must have stuff up my window when I install that "something". I can’t do anything to restore it so I went to bed. Then today, after I came home from going out. I have the urge to format it again. I try the Repair option and know nothing in MS-DOS. So oki, I chose to install window now. It was then I realise there was another repair option, which I chose without any thought. So here I am using window again and manage to save the game’s save into my D drive (haha). But when it loads, its really slow to load up window, let’s hope this problem will be fixed!!! Oki…More update on where I went today later. Fixing my computer now~~~~


    點解呢? 我又未訓,我都唔眼訓。我怕又達落床個陣,左din右din都係訓唔到。我都唔知自己想點。我夠景想點呢? 我好想穩人陪我聊天,陪我吹吹水。我好想有人可以陪下我,但我知,我唔可以任性。無理o既要求我知我唔可以提出,我個人唔細架啦。生性啦,醒下啦,無人會成日接受d無理o既要求。"佢"已經付出左好多,"佢"自己都有好多野煩緊而我又幫唔到手。我可以做o既淨係唔可以煩"佢"。 但係我都做唔到,我發作"佢"脾氣。因爲我失眠而我又覺得"佢"唔關心我,所以我發佢脾氣。到最後,都係"佢"同我講sorry 先。我係比"佢"個 sms 叫醒o既,題完我覺得好内疚。我真係無理過"佢"感受,從我地一齊到而傢,都係佢就我。付出左好多o既唔係我,係"佢"。 我想做咩"佢"都會為我去做,但我好似無感謝過"佢"。到有咩發生我都係會穩"佢" 出氣,會怪"佢"唔理我。問心個句我好唔應該,但係都會係"佢"穩我先(都係話我次次都係"佢"穩我先,但係每次都係"佢"穩我先)。點解我會唔穩"佢"呢? 因爲我要冷靜,我唔想打電話過去而又再閙過或無聲出。我唔鍾意依種感覺,空蕩蕩o甘。其實夜闌人靜個陣,我林過無數o甘多次。我唔可以o甘,我要了解"佢"多d,唔好再成日發脾氣,快快樂樂o甘過。但係我成日都做唔到,我好容易發脾氣,我控制唔到我自己。我唔係想成日都搞到好慘o甘,但係我緊張個陣,唔開心個陣,我真係樂觀唔到。我都知唔單止係我一個人go through 依 d 野,但係我都係怕姐。我都無學其他人o甘跳樓玩自殺啊,唔開心無罪啊唔係咩? 我應該跟 ‘溏心風暴’個句 — <<甜的吃,苦的也吃。>> 我食慣甜,好怕食苦。遇到小小苦我就逼到自己埋corner,林野都好灰。我真係唔知自己想點,"佢"可唔可以話我知我想點呢? 唔寫啦…


    看了溏心風暴已經兩天,不知爲何感覺好複雜。一個家庭可以這樣的嗎? 人錯了,都可以一次又一次原諒她嗎? 我就做不出來,第一次發生我就已經送她出門,以後都當不認識這個人。 然後,就是他們的感情事。得得地真係一個好男人,無條件付出,不受回報的去愛護一個人。其實,一個女人最想要的是一個守護她的男人,開心陪她開心,不開心就逗她開心。情緒是不能控制的,很難去了解。感情是很難控制,如果我好朋友喜歡了我的男朋友會點? 我想,我應該不能接受。如果一世都不知道會應該比較好,但是我不會再相信這個男人也不會再給機會給他。 得得地雖然不是聰明,但爲人老實。有這個人做男朋友應該會有安全感,又逗笑。不過我現在的男朋友已經好好,對我都好好,應該知足。剛剛電腦有信息,以爲是男朋友打給我,原來不是。沒有人打給我。算啦,我要get ready 出去。等一下再寫。


    又係一個4點幾o既"早上",我訓唔到。我想訓,但係就算咪埋眼,左tin 右tin 都係唔得。感覺就好似有d空虛。唔知係唔係之前成日溫書到o甘夜,習慣左呢? 但係我想早訓,聼日要早起有野做。我好想有人陪,有人同我講下野。咩都好啊,我淨係想有人想知道關於我o既野多過其他野,講關於我o既野。我成日都要求多多,sigh,算…試下訓….


    After 3 months of battle, it’s finally over. I had my last exam today and I think it’s all about how much bull shit you can write in 2 hours. I celebrated by going to shopping in Chadstone with my bf. Haven’t been shopping much and everything are on sales, but hard to find some "fashion" that suit me though. Anyway, I bought myself a tshirt and that’s all for myself. I went to his shop for dinner tonight, we had hot pot. Then I had a terrible headach. I think its because I’m lack of sleep and didn’t wear enough to go against the cold wind. Then I thought I’ll change the background of this space to make a new change. Anyway, my head still hurt and feel like vomitting. I’ll take a shower and then rest. Good night people.

OK..one more to go

    After a few days of studying for this don’t know how to study subject. I’m not confident that I’ll pass the subject. I’m not saying that the contents are so hard to understand or such, its just that I’m not sure if I can bullshit with 2 hours. Exam format is like this: Part A 5 short answer questions (20 marks), Part B choice of 3 essay topic pick one 500 – 1000 words(10 marks), Part C no choice write a response essay 500 – 1000 words. I need to finish all this in 2 hours!!!!! How can I write two essay like this in 1 hour time if I’m dividing my time fairly from the corresponding marks. Its not like there is nothing to memorize as well. I don’t know how to do some of the stuff. Sigh, though this exam is out of 40, I’m aiming higher than a pass since the other 60% I’m not going that bad. Ai ya, I don’t know lah, just need to try my best and then be it. After 2molo I can finally relax and watch all those hk series I want to watch =P…..hehe….I’m scared that I’ll day dream to what I want to do after exam during the exam time rather than focusing on what I should do  >(.
Anyway..back to study I go.

Re-organising my thought

    After Thursday, my second last semester of my uni will be finish (hopefull if I pass everything). I’m thinking of what to take for next semester. Learning from this sem’s experience, I want to take something less challenge to ensure my graudation date will not be alter. What type of easy subject should I take? 2 subjects I need to think about, I’m not sure which one….sigh…need to go through the hand book after exam…

Passing seems to hard this day…

    Hm..had my second exam today…what can I say? Some questions are the same as the model exam (just a few), I know how to answer those but not sure is it in deepth enough to get the full 5 marks. And a mental note to self, never choose a coding question ever again. I thought ok, coding, seems ok since I’ve done it for project, but then it took sooooo long to write out the code and I left out all the error checking and stuff. Hope it will be good enough. I think I’ll be on the edge of passing. At least its what I’m praying for. A pass will get me a pretty good mark already…so please…let me pass god!!!


    Maybe …just in 1.5 hours time, I’ll end my stupid life. I’ve got my exam at 2pm, start writing at 2:15pm so I’ll finish at 4:15pm. The crappy part is I’m not even sure if I can get 25/50. The way this exam work is (if I remember correctly), there are 7 questions to choose from. Out of the 7, we need to do 5 and each worth 10 marks. So add up to be 50, which is the other 50% of my assessment mark. It is a hurdle, I’ve checked with friends. So, in order to pass the subject, I need to pass the exam which mean to 25 marks. The thing is, the marks can only get within the 5 questions we chose from. If you answer parts of all 7 questions, it doesn’t mean you can get 50, its just mean time is wasted in answering questions that will not get us any mark. Seriously, I’m nto greedy, I just aim for a pass which is 25, then I’ll get H2B with my overall assessment. That is like good to me. I don’t always aim high, this one I just aim for passing. Even if I just get 25/50, I’ll be jumping up and downs. Let’s hope I know how to answer half of the questions for the exam.
    God, please give me strength and be with me in the exam. I need you. I stretch out my arm to you, praying you’ll hold my hand and walk me through this darkness. I’m very nervous!!!

Another entry rambling on about my exam…

    My second exam is tomorrow and without any surprise, I’m so not ready for it. Why? Because there is no tute, no past year exam paper but a "model exam paper" it says. I remember he mentioned not all questions are relevent to us. *Clap clap clap* So how am I suppose to study with nothing to practice on. Hm…I wonder if this exam is hurdle or not. If it is not, ha…get 5 marks then I don’t have to worry. I guess I won’t be that lucky, so I’ll try to pass. The exam is out of 50marks and I need to get 25. I don’t even know if I made it sound easy or not, because I’m having trouble of getting 25. I’ve read "half" of the lecture slides yet my memory of the content is nearly zero. I shall laugh. *Haha* I should be putting my head down and focus on those cluster and grid words that I never be able to memorize. Tomorrow’s exam will require no skill but luck. So wish me luck people, I hope I can pass. See, I’m not greedy to aim for 100, 90s or anything. Just a pass will do me good. Hope for good news people, or it will be another entry complainning how I stuff up AGAIN. Ok..back to work I go..focus Sandi focus….
    GOOD LUCK to Eleanor and Lucy’s exam 2molo!!!!! Also, Michael and Paul whose will do the same exam as me!!!! Go kill kill~~!!!!! Charge~~!!!!

    Its already 11:09pm and I still haven’t finish studying, still got a few more slides to read + understand + memorize. I’m really nervous and panicing, I know, because my hands are shaking as I’m tying this. I’m really nervous, things that I don’t get practice on I won’t have confident. I’m really down and as I’m highlighting my note, the line wiggle all over the place because my hand shake so bad…..sigh…..I’m hating myself…really really hate myself….only if I’ve got a better brain..that I can remember and understand concept easier…