Its time to fight…

    I finished my last project last Thursday and so it seems to be the time to start studying. Ok, I give myself Friday to rest because I didn’t get enough sleep the last how many weeks? Saturday I need to work whole day, ok, that’s fair enough. But when its Sunday, how come I’m still not in the position to study? I should really focus, since I’ve got 2 exams next week. I know nothing about the two subjects that’s why I need to study. I wasted today for nothing, I didn’t even do anything. Everytime it’s like this, when it’s near exam. I don’t feel like to study, I just want to relax and watch tv or read mangas. I am going to fail if I keep this up. I know I should put myself together and study. So I can be sure of living without regrets. Sigh, this is just me. I can’t do anything. I am so useless. I better try harder to study then….ppl and friends….add oil and good luck with your exams!!!!

2 thoughts on “Its time to fight…

  1. hahaha dont worry,  sometimes relax is good so you wont get too freaked out :p
    i think im more lazy than you hahah

  2. HEY, Sandi.
    I have a big job recently.
    Then I need to have two meeting every weekend, from 9am to 6pm.
    Oh, my god. I can\’t think how is my exam.
    I don\’t waste the time then I believe I can do this.
    You add oil also.

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