I dreamt that I can float again…

    I dreamt of a lot of people yesterday night. I even dreamt that I can walk on air again. I am not unfamiliar with flying, floating dreams. I believe, deep in, I do want to fly and get away from this cage. Our life is a cage that trap us within, and it is up to us on how to spent our time in the cage. Some people can stretch their arms and legs, forcing their cages to expand to allow more freedom. Yet, there is still a limitation on what they can do. I wish for a lot of things really, but not much is reality "stuff". Sigh, maybe I’m just feeling down that my study is not going anywhere. I can’t put my self to focus, I go online, I read manga, I search here and there. Just like now, I’m writing this blog. I don’t know how to focus any more….any advice???

2 thoughts on “I dreamt that I can float again…

  1. Relax…Sandi!
    May be you have a lot of pressure.
    Relax and chat with me la.
    I think you can become better.
    Anyway , I have a lot of dreams sharing with you .

  2. I also have dreamt that I can walk on air, or levitate off the ground. It\’s strange…Re: focus. I can\’t either. I have my first two exams next week and I have hardly studied for them, despite the plentiful time I have had since the start of swot vac. 

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