Today I had my first exam and I stuffed it up. Some are easy marks but because I never be able to memorize them, I couldn’t answer fully on the questions. Not to mention some part I don’t understand and don’t know how to answer. Sigh, I’m so disappointed in myself. Its not like I havent’ tried, I did as many past year exam as possible. Read up all the note, read the textbook and I still manage to let marks like that slip away from my finger tips. What can I say? I’m just stupid. Now, friday got another exam and I have no idea on how to study on that. Require too much knowledge and understanding. Aiming for a pass again…what more can I hope for?

3 thoughts on “Sigh…disappointment

  1. Don\’t worry too much. You\’ll be fine =)
    Think you will do better than me. It doesn\’t happen to you only cause it happens to me before (usually happens) hahaha…Just don\’t think about it and focus on the next exam. I think you are too worried till you heard wrongly what Juny said to you.
    Juny: Do you want to go for lunch?You heard: Do you want to die?hahaha…anyway just do your best.

  2. Chin up Sandi.  All you can do is your best and it sounds like you really tried.  I know for a fact you\’re not stupid, good luck on you\’re friday exam, im sure you\’ll do great.  Just remember uni isn\’t everything and exams are just a small part of uni.  If you accept this the stress just disappears; or you become apathetic like me!

  3. Jee Wong I won\’t know its you unless you put ur name down!!!! LOL~~~ but its oki, hehe, thx for the comfort. I was feeling a bit piss before but now its alrite.
    AND I didn\’t know Rohan will read my blog *_* (blink blink)…hehe…but thx for the encouragment. Do you have a blog that I can spy on?? Good luck with your exams as well!!!!!!

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