Another entry rambling on about my exam…

    My second exam is tomorrow and without any surprise, I’m so not ready for it. Why? Because there is no tute, no past year exam paper but a "model exam paper" it says. I remember he mentioned not all questions are relevent to us. *Clap clap clap* So how am I suppose to study with nothing to practice on. Hm…I wonder if this exam is hurdle or not. If it is not, ha…get 5 marks then I don’t have to worry. I guess I won’t be that lucky, so I’ll try to pass. The exam is out of 50marks and I need to get 25. I don’t even know if I made it sound easy or not, because I’m having trouble of getting 25. I’ve read "half" of the lecture slides yet my memory of the content is nearly zero. I shall laugh. *Haha* I should be putting my head down and focus on those cluster and grid words that I never be able to memorize. Tomorrow’s exam will require no skill but luck. So wish me luck people, I hope I can pass. See, I’m not greedy to aim for 100, 90s or anything. Just a pass will do me good. Hope for good news people, or it will be another entry complainning how I stuff up AGAIN. Ok..back to work I go..focus Sandi focus….
    GOOD LUCK to Eleanor and Lucy’s exam 2molo!!!!! Also, Michael and Paul whose will do the same exam as me!!!! Go kill kill~~!!!!! Charge~~!!!!

    Its already 11:09pm and I still haven’t finish studying, still got a few more slides to read + understand + memorize. I’m really nervous and panicing, I know, because my hands are shaking as I’m tying this. I’m really nervous, things that I don’t get practice on I won’t have confident. I’m really down and as I’m highlighting my note, the line wiggle all over the place because my hand shake so bad…..sigh…..I’m hating myself…really really hate myself….only if I’ve got a better brain..that I can remember and understand concept easier…

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