Maybe …just in 1.5 hours time, I’ll end my stupid life. I’ve got my exam at 2pm, start writing at 2:15pm so I’ll finish at 4:15pm. The crappy part is I’m not even sure if I can get 25/50. The way this exam work is (if I remember correctly), there are 7 questions to choose from. Out of the 7, we need to do 5 and each worth 10 marks. So add up to be 50, which is the other 50% of my assessment mark. It is a hurdle, I’ve checked with friends. So, in order to pass the subject, I need to pass the exam which mean to 25 marks. The thing is, the marks can only get within the 5 questions we chose from. If you answer parts of all 7 questions, it doesn’t mean you can get 50, its just mean time is wasted in answering questions that will not get us any mark. Seriously, I’m nto greedy, I just aim for a pass which is 25, then I’ll get H2B with my overall assessment. That is like good to me. I don’t always aim high, this one I just aim for passing. Even if I just get 25/50, I’ll be jumping up and downs. Let’s hope I know how to answer half of the questions for the exam.
    God, please give me strength and be with me in the exam. I need you. I stretch out my arm to you, praying you’ll hold my hand and walk me through this darkness. I’m very nervous!!!

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