OK..one more to go

    After a few days of studying for this don’t know how to study subject. I’m not confident that I’ll pass the subject. I’m not saying that the contents are so hard to understand or such, its just that I’m not sure if I can bullshit with 2 hours. Exam format is like this: Part A 5 short answer questions (20 marks), Part B choice of 3 essay topic pick one 500 – 1000 words(10 marks), Part C no choice write a response essay 500 – 1000 words. I need to finish all this in 2 hours!!!!! How can I write two essay like this in 1 hour time if I’m dividing my time fairly from the corresponding marks. Its not like there is nothing to memorize as well. I don’t know how to do some of the stuff. Sigh, though this exam is out of 40, I’m aiming higher than a pass since the other 60% I’m not going that bad. Ai ya, I don’t know lah, just need to try my best and then be it. After 2molo I can finally relax and watch all those hk series I want to watch =P…..hehe….I’m scared that I’ll day dream to what I want to do after exam during the exam time rather than focusing on what I should do  >(.
Anyway..back to study I go.

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