Computer crisis (Cloudy)

    2 nights ago, I finally manage to get Richard over to add in my new hard drive and format. I was happy that now it gains up to 250 + 80 GB of disk space (YES, I need that many to save my junks!!!!). Also I’ve got a new addictive game to play. At around 8ish pm, I wanted to use the interent to search for any interesting place to go today, but my internet connection died on me. I thought it was my computer but turn out its Optus that was having the problem. Then at 10ish pm I was re-chucking my junks into my D drive from my removable. Finally done and got the program disks from Richard. I want to install "something" onto my computer but then after I restart, it couldn’t allow me to get back into window!!!!!! I was pissed off and frustrated. I tried sooooooooo many times, it must have stuff up my window when I install that "something". I can’t do anything to restore it so I went to bed. Then today, after I came home from going out. I have the urge to format it again. I try the Repair option and know nothing in MS-DOS. So oki, I chose to install window now. It was then I realise there was another repair option, which I chose without any thought. So here I am using window again and manage to save the game’s save into my D drive (haha). But when it loads, its really slow to load up window, let’s hope this problem will be fixed!!! Oki…More update on where I went today later. Fixing my computer now~~~~

One thought on “Computer crisis (Cloudy)

  1. Good luck 🙂
    I\’m having computer troubles as well. This morning my pretty LCD died on me 😐
    Time for me to really buy a whole new system though… One that can run Visual Studio without lagging, so I can do some proper testing 😛

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