First job interview in a life time

    I had my first job interview today, haha, I should be ashame of myself for that. But, what the heck. Its a software company that really interest me, I really want to use what I’ve learn in real life. Guess who I saw when I went for the interview? I saw JUNY!!!! She is working there already, for a week or so. Haha, man I want this job even more now. Its good to have someone I know in a work place. The interview today is quite interesting and fun. I guess I’ve got the easy questions. Well they are, its just introduce my self and answer some questions about myself and about what I know about the company. Simple. Also, the boss was very very very friendly as well. Now, I need to prepare a 20mins presentation for my next interview. Juny, I need your help!!!!! Hope I can go well and maybe if I’m lucky enough to actually get the position XD. hehe..wish me more luck ppl!!!

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