Romantic Friday

    I didn’t blog down what I did on Friday. On Friday, it was black friday having 13th as the day. But I end up having a fun time out. My bf drove me up to Mt Dang to have lunch. We went to Snooty Fox again (we both loves that place very much). They have this event called "Christmas in July". They decorate the place just like you would in real Christmas time, I guess it really suit  Christmas being cold and all. It was raining out side. Hehe, I order the Christmas set and Richard order something else. They forgot to give me the bread roll when they give out the soup, oh well, I’m not too fussy about that so its oki. I had a lovely time there, the meal was nice, the place was nice, the mood was nice, everything was nice. Only thing that is not good is they had really slow services. Oh well, I’ll just enjoy my relaxing time out. Then after lunch, I planned to go to Knox City to shop for a proper pant for the next interview. I don’t have any work pants at home. It was too crowded to find a parking spot, so went to Westfield Shopping Town instead. Hehe, I tried a few on and for the last one, it really suit me so I decided to buy that one. So now, haha, I’ve got a pant to wear for my next interview. I had a really fun time out, thx Richard!!!!!!

    Now, I’m preparing the slides for the presentation. I only did 4 so far and I need to prepare for my meeting 2molo. Arrgghhh….*SLAP SLAP*..stop being a slacker Sandi!!!!!!!!! Focus and work lah, or else, it will be you that end up destorying this great opportunity!!!!

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