Now the waiting game…

    I’ve finished my presentation and coffe time today. I think I did alright in the presentation, but some how I felt time really fly when I was talking. Or did I just finish it in 2 mins? I’ll never be able to find out now, just hope for the best. I’m joining this waiting game now, waiting for a reply from the boss to tell me if I’m accepted to work for them or better luck next time. As Lewis said, fingers cross. The staffs I had coffee with, actually, no one order coffee. Haha, one ordered Tea and the other staff and me ordered Hot Chocolate. The Chocolate tasted really nice, or is it because I just finished something so stressing? haha, thank you so much Lewis!!! You helped me to put together the slides and it does look very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope my luck hasn’t run out yet. I really do want to get some experience and I think this job will offer what I’m looking for. hehe..wish me luck ppl!!!!

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