Time flies…and I’m stress….again

    By the end of this week, 3rd weeks of uni will be passed. I’m feeling ever so sleepy and tired at home where I should be studying or doing my work. I know I need to study, since this Friday I’ll have my first quiz in pbl. There are just so much to read and memorised!! I don’t know if I can handle it though. I heard my friends said usually the 1st one will get a pretty low average, since ppl don’t know how to study for it. But it will also be he eaisest one, so if I can’t do good in this one. I am pretty much useless in the others…..sigh……just feeling so lost right now….up and down I go…..I’m hopeles…ok lah ok lah..back to study I go..or else I’ll get a zero for it…..     

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