Adding extra lines into my resume

    Before I get into the main content of this blog, I have to complain that msn space is operating really slow. I want to change the layout before and it took like a half a minute to load it up and took another half minute for me to be able to move things around. I think I’ll get back to Xanga soon. Tht loading time is just not on for me!!!!!
    Back to my post, today I had another "interview" with the GM of the company. I thought it would be another real formal interview but ended up just chit chatting about "me". I will be start working next week if I haven’t heard it wrong!!!!!! As in that I am really hired??!!! I’m feeling so insecure about this I don’t know why. Maybe this is the first proper job I’ve got?? Any how, I’m sleepy yet I need to study for pbl. Aiiii….quiz 2molo and I heard from Novi that it is different from the time she did it. She said that when she did it, its all from the workbook. But I know we are different since I was told that there will be 10 questions based on the workbook and 30 questions based on the general knowledge from the Act and a case study given. Sigh sigh sigh…I hope I can do well..or at least pass the quiz…it will be embarrassing if I can’t…since everyone said this subject is easy….. just praying to god that I can get through this……God will be by my side  

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