A night out

    Tonite I went out to drink with a few of my Uni friends. I kinda pressured Eleanor to come with me, ok, not kinda I did pressured her. I feel bad now, but I hope you had a fun time with us. I sure enjoy it tonight, its not like what I had imagine with slightly better. I tried out two drinks tonight, pineapple malibu and illusion. Both were recommended by Jacinta and both tasted pretty nice. Once for a while, I can just relax and not think about work (uni or work work). Conversations with friends were just too good. Thank you Lewis for inviting (pressuring) me to go, it is an experience to have. I like this group activity thing, it really help the team to bond. Especially we have such a nice team, let’s not waste it. For those who have facebook, I’ll upload pictures to there soon. But not tonight, I am tired and got work to do. Yeah, back to my 440. How fun???
    Eleanor: Sorry to force you to come, but hope you had fun.
    Jacintat: Thanks for introducing me to these awesome drinks, they are all very nice.
    Lewis: Thanks for inviting (pressuring) me to go, it is very enjoyable and you’ve been nice too. But try some non-girly drinks next time…ahhhaha
    Rohan: You too, you had too much beer. Try other "drinks"….hehehe…and had more "flame"..haha

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