Window 7 glitch

I have been happily using Window 7 for almost a month now, but I found a problem that kinda frustrated me a bit. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT, install any program that doesn’t mention the support of Window 7. Or you are risking of having to format your computer due to lags that occur after installing something that’s incompatible. It happened to me twice already. The first time I did not know, so I just installed programs I’ve been using with my XP OS before. Then, Window Live Messenger, opening of IE8, opening of Office Word and even opening of folders lag sooooooooooooooo bad. It freeze to the point where it said not responding. Everything works fine after I format my computer and only installed programs that say support Window 7. But today, I need to play some DVF files so I took the risk and installed the Sony Player Plug-in with no mentioning of Window 7. I regreted afterward! It now lags a bit when I try to send out a msg in Window Live Messenger and open folders. I’ll need to reformat my computer again after exam. Seriously, I’ll not make the same mistake for the third time. Hope Microsoft can do something about this with their patches.


No dictionary allow?

Why we are not allow to bring in our dictionaries for tomorrow’s Strategic Management exam? Thuogh, I am not sure why we need one for this subject but still, won’t it be a bit unfair to those non-native speaker. Anyhoo, this is not the first time for me not being able to bring in my dictionary. Back to my attempt of trying to read the reminding 4 weeks’ slides, be sure that I’ll be back for more updates.

Buy 1 get 1 free offer from Nando’s: Tropico Burger

Quoted from Nando’s site:

"Warwick Capper reckons he’s "The Wiz". The best. The million dollar
man. He’s taken on the best in the AFL, blown wind up Pauline Hanson,
boxed on with Wendell Sailor, run for Gold Coast Mayor and now he’s
taking us on.

Warwick’s not happy because we reckon that the sun shines out of our buns but according to Warwick, it shines out of his!

Decide for yourself and try our
new Tropico burger, it’s the taste of a
Portuguese Summer. With a skinless chicken breast, tasty BBQ sauce,
juicy pineapple, delicious Swiss cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato and
light mayo, squeezed between our beautiful buns… Well, a Portuguese
It’s worth a crack. Enjoy it – just don’t tell Warwick!"

Here is the link for downloding the voucher: http://www.nandos.com.au/voucherdownload.php
The offer ends on the 26th Dec 2009.

Reference Site: http://www.nandos.com.au/article.php?newsid=89&newspage=0


Cosmetics & Fragrances Warehouse Sale

If you gonna miss the Heat Warehouse Cosmetics Sales. Don’t worry. There is another one in Box Hill Town Hall next week. Again it’s going to be a 3 days sales and the brands are different from Heat’s, so suspecting the price would be higher as well. This sales will have a wider range of products, including skincare, make-up, men’s and women’s fragrances. You can save up to 75% off the retailed price.

Brands include:  Clarins, Versace, Prada, Thierry Mugler, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne and Moschino.
Payment types:
Mastercard, Visa, Eftpos, No Amex Or Diners.

When: 26th Nov 2009 Thursday   2pm – 9pm
           27th Nov 2009 Friday     11am – 3pm
           28th Nov 2009 Saturday 10am – 2pm


Box Hill Town Hall (Lower Level)
            1022 Whitehorse Rd
            Box Hill.
            VIC, 3128.

Reference Site: http://www.missyconfidential.com.au/cms/content//Melbourne-designer-sales/Cosmetics–Fragrances-Warehouse-Sale-_2774.php


Heat’s Cosmetics Clearance Sale

For three days, you can get Max Factor, Covergirl, Bourjois, Ulta3 cosmetics from as little as $2.00. It’s time to stock up your makeup bag with your favourite brands or try out cosmetics that you have not known before.

Details are as below:

Fri 20 November 4:30pm – 8:30pm

Sat 21 November 8:30am – 4:30pm

Sun 22 November 8:30am – 4:30pm


Reference site: http://www.heatgroup.com.au/heatNewsArticle.asp?aid=30



明日2pm又系一個考驗. 我真系有考試恐懼症, 考咩都好驚. 點解無一個exam 可以輕輕鬆鬆咁過? 講真,我今次凈想合格跟住畢業. 要求唔多啊 =( 今日重要情緒極度不平行啊, 搞到呼吸都有問題. 跑完步, 系舒服好小小, 不過二加又要回到現實啦. 唔多講啦, 為我祈禱啦.

Help end hunger

  FreeRice will donates 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger for each answer you got correct. This is very simple and your little effort can help a lot of starving children and families. There are a lot of topics you can choose and some are pretty easy, so don’t worry if you don’t think you can answer them. They do offer maths problem, like basic maths and multiplication table, so you can get your kids to exercise their brains yet still make a difference to others. Let’s see how much rice you can donate today .

Instruction is as followed:
1. Visite the website: http://www.freerice.com/subjects.php
2. Choose a topic you would like to answer (they have a lot of questions)
3. Stay within the same website to change topisc and the rice you’ve collected will not get reset
4. Help fun and stay happy


4 days till my first exam

With a blink of an eye, it is now left with 4 days before the first exam for my final semester. During the week of swot vac, I went to work for two days and had an awesome dinner with Mita and Amanda. I also started my running schedule which begin after 9pm. Yet, the only thing I did not mention is study. For some reason, the flame, the motivation to study has totally disappear for this sem though I’ve kept telling myself that I will study hard. What’s wrong with me? Am I not stress? Or I’ve been too stress that I’ve cracked my head? Nothing seems appealing to me when I read over the lecture slides (not that I’ve read many). ITS NOT INTERESTING AT ALL!!!

Last semester, though I was stressed but I still kept my positive energy. I remember I watched a 20mins clips from youtube, ‘The Secret", nearly every night to keep my the positive level. Why not do the same for this sem? I was so into it that I even bought the book. I read it twice so far. It brings me hope everytime I read it. Maybe its time to start watching the clip again, to sustain my positive level and get through this final semester.

Some points about the exam (for self reference):

  • 10 topics will be examinable from week 01 to 11 exclude week 04
  • The exam is out of 120 points hence 1 min for 1 mark
  • Understand each topic’s objectives
  • Readings can further understanding if found too brief on the slides

YOSH!!!!! We can do this~!!!


What gives??

I was thinking of styling the HTML module a bit with a new image and floating the existing ‘word of the day’ image/link on top of it and guess what? Window Live Space doesn’t allow me to add in background-image, or to position absolute. It frustrates me the most is that after I commented out the part for the ‘word of the day’, it automatically deleted it after I pressed publish. What the hell??!! What’s with all these restrictions and automation?? I am not sure about others, but I don’t find this auto delete useful at all!!!!