Another go with Window Live Space?

For a long while, I have not visited this blog space. Not only because I found it annoyint to use before (due to constant lags during customization) but also hard to locate with the new Window Live Messenger, the blinking stars no longer appeared. Before I format my computer, my MSN setting was not to display any update hence I hardly notice anyone’s updates. Tonight, I saw updates appeared at the bottom on the messenger box (because I did not off the setting after computer format) and got curious whether friends still use their spaces.

I wonder will people actually read my blog here? I mean, I’ve got another blog with close to zero viewers. My intension is to find a medium where I can share my findings such as special sales or products/services I am impress with. Thus, no point for me to type it up anywhere if no one is ever going to read it, might as well keep it all to myself. Or I can just type it up and hope someone will be random enough to be landed on my page .

Anyway, studying time.


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