What gives??

I was thinking of styling the HTML module a bit with a new image and floating the existing ‘word of the day’ image/link on top of it and guess what? Window Live Space doesn’t allow me to add in background-image, or to position absolute. It frustrates me the most is that after I commented out the part for the ‘word of the day’, it automatically deleted it after I pressed publish. What the hell??!! What’s with all these restrictions and automation?? I am not sure about others, but I don’t find this auto delete useful at all!!!!

One thought on “What gives??

  1. haha. You\’re so busy on doing this now. By the way, I do enjoy the make-up tutorial from your interest link. When will we discuss about our preparation of Business risk mangement test? Exchange some ideas? vitally, guessing some questions? Are you interested in??

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