4 days till my first exam

With a blink of an eye, it is now left with 4 days before the first exam for my final semester. During the week of swot vac, I went to work for two days and had an awesome dinner with Mita and Amanda. I also started my running schedule which begin after 9pm. Yet, the only thing I did not mention is study. For some reason, the flame, the motivation to study has totally disappear for this sem though I’ve kept telling myself that I will study hard. What’s wrong with me? Am I not stress? Or I’ve been too stress that I’ve cracked my head? Nothing seems appealing to me when I read over the lecture slides (not that I’ve read many). ITS NOT INTERESTING AT ALL!!!

Last semester, though I was stressed but I still kept my positive energy. I remember I watched a 20mins clips from youtube, ‘The Secret", nearly every night to keep my the positive level. Why not do the same for this sem? I was so into it that I even bought the book. I read it twice so far. It brings me hope everytime I read it. Maybe its time to start watching the clip again, to sustain my positive level and get through this final semester.

Some points about the exam (for self reference):

  • 10 topics will be examinable from week 01 to 11 exclude week 04
  • The exam is out of 120 points hence 1 min for 1 mark
  • Understand each topic’s objectives
  • Readings can further understanding if found too brief on the slides

YOSH!!!!! We can do this~!!!


One thought on “4 days till my first exam

  1. You\’re right. I found it so brief on our slides. I have to start all the reading from wk1 now, because I didn\’t read any of them from the start of this sem. I havn\’t think through the reason for my lazy behaviours recently. Perhaps, it\’s my final exam. Perhaps, I thought other useless staff too much. Whatever. Keep reading now. Reading is a fantastic job, thinking about noting. See u at the exam. Good Luck.

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