Buy 1 get 1 free offer from Nando’s: Tropico Burger

Quoted from Nando’s site:

"Warwick Capper reckons he’s "The Wiz". The best. The million dollar
man. He’s taken on the best in the AFL, blown wind up Pauline Hanson,
boxed on with Wendell Sailor, run for Gold Coast Mayor and now he’s
taking us on.

Warwick’s not happy because we reckon that the sun shines out of our buns but according to Warwick, it shines out of his!

Decide for yourself and try our
new Tropico burger, it’s the taste of a
Portuguese Summer. With a skinless chicken breast, tasty BBQ sauce,
juicy pineapple, delicious Swiss cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato and
light mayo, squeezed between our beautiful buns… Well, a Portuguese
It’s worth a crack. Enjoy it – just don’t tell Warwick!"

Here is the link for downloding the voucher:
The offer ends on the 26th Dec 2009.

Reference Site:


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