Window 7 glitch

I have been happily using Window 7 for almost a month now, but I found a problem that kinda frustrated me a bit. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT, install any program that doesn’t mention the support of Window 7. Or you are risking of having to format your computer due to lags that occur after installing something that’s incompatible. It happened to me twice already. The first time I did not know, so I just installed programs I’ve been using with my XP OS before. Then, Window Live Messenger, opening of IE8, opening of Office Word and even opening of folders lag sooooooooooooooo bad. It freeze to the point where it said not responding. Everything works fine after I format my computer and only installed programs that say support Window 7. But today, I need to play some DVF files so I took the risk and installed the Sony Player Plug-in with no mentioning of Window 7. I regreted afterward! It now lags a bit when I try to send out a msg in Window Live Messenger and open folders. I’ll need to reformat my computer again after exam. Seriously, I’ll not make the same mistake for the third time. Hope Microsoft can do something about this with their patches.


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