Extra piece of Original Recipe

KFC gave me an original recip eto compensate for one wicked wing, because they only had 2 and is not enough for a pack. Since they don’t charge us extra so I happily accepted the change. They gave me two instead of one . LUCKY!!

2 thoughts on “Extra piece of Original Recipe

  1. Original RECEIPT; is a piece of paper usually has a written record of the transaction that had transpired.Original RECIPE; is a type of fried chicken that has been flavoured and marinated with 12 Secret Herbs and Spices.Wicked RING; also known as the One Ring. It is featured in the Lord of the Rings series and , said to be the one ring to to rule them all. If the ring was worn, it would render the user invisible, however…. Wicked WING; are chicken wings that are coated with a thick batter, they are delicious, crispy and slightly spicy. 3 Pieces are only for $2.25 (2006 Price).Sandy English FAIL.

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