2010’s first blog post…

I realised I haven’t blog for a while so here I am. I am going to do my new year resolution now, it’s better late than never (according to Ijun).

For 2010, I will:

  • Rearrange my room to be more space efficient and clean
  • Be more positive thinking and flexible to the possibility that things will not turn out according to plan
  • Go to Sydney
  • Create a desktop application for something I don’t know yet (could be personal use)
  • Blog more
  • Smile more
  • Join Yoga
  • Take my dog out for more walks
  • Be more caring and sensitive to others
  • Go out with friends more to have fun

That’s all I could thinking of for now. The next post might be a review on a mask that I’ve bought during special. I don’t know yet since I still couldn’t click with English for now.


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