Safely in GuangZhou

Finally I can actually sit down and type a blog post to talk about my travel back experience. VIVA Macau, I guess it’s what I pay for BUT the serives were well done. The flight did not set off as promised (10:15am) but still managed to arrive on time to Macau (05:05pm). It was a very long and tiring flight. Anyway, my bus trip back to GuangZhou from Macau was also tiring as well. As long as I arrived safely, I have no complain!!!!
Yesterday was the wedding which was the main reason to why I decided to come back. After seeing what happened yesterday, as their tradition on ‘picking’ up the bride, I’ll not want a traditional chinese wedding. I might have a fusion wedding, half English and half Chinese. That might work better for everyone, espeically me…hahahahaha The dinner was great as well, but I’m allergic to some food that I ate and am suspecting it’s the prawns that I ate. Oh well, it will be better soon.
Oki, I think I’ll stop here now since I’m getting hungry. I am in search of fooddddddd~~~~~~

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