Three..You’ve just regain my trust by a little

In my ex-blog, I’ve ranted about how Three charged me for the 10 days of BlackBerry service without letting me know I could have used it on the day which I’ve got my phone. I’ve also filed a complain with no reply. Dead silence from their end. I wasn’t happy when I received my bill on Monday. The charges weren’t very clear. In the ‘Other charges and credits’ section. I have this cancellation fee and a phone installment waiver credit. At the time when I read it, I thought I’ve got charged for cancellation (which I did not or else I wouldn’t have waited for 10 days!) and the $9.20 is for monthly BlackyBerry service pack credit (which should have been $10).

Tonight, I made a call to Three to find out what the cancellation fee is and why the credit don’t match up to the advertisement. It turns out, the $9.20 credit is to cover the $2.6 cancellation fee and the $6.6 they charged for the BlackBerry service last month! But then,  they didn’t give me the $10 credit as advertised. The call center girl told me there was a note on my account waiting for approval. So, she approves it and the amount will be changed accordingly. Although, it’s not a huge amount but it’s the principal that counts. I’m happy that it’s solved and I’m getting my money back.


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