Kick Ass or Ass Kick?

After hearing so many great feedbacks for Kick Ass, I was interested to watch it myself. I’ve got my chance tonight after having a lovely Japanese meal with Richard, Ioanna, Chung and Carmen. It wasn’t expensive and it’s run by real Japnese. No offense but I believe people know how to make their own cultural food best. Anyway, we went back to Carmen’s place for Ioanna’s birthday cake and then sat down for a movie. We watched the beginning of Saw 6 and it’s gross!  Man, I shouldn’t even mentioned it or else I might have nightmare about it. Arrgggg…… sigh. Back to what I was saying, as you can guessed we ended up watching Kick Ass.

The movie is more violent than I expected it and more bloody too. It’s full of action and you’ll see blood splattered every 5 minutes? The film reflects on normal, originally people’s wish to become or to have a heroic figure. You’ll see a lot of bad guys during the movie and they all come with knives and guns. I like ‘Hit Girl’. I think she is really cool; being a 12 years old she could really fight. ‘Kick Ass’ on the other hand I should applaused his bravery to stand up and do something about it while he is as weak as a chicken. I’m going to be a spoiler and said, I don’t like how ‘Big Daddy’ got killed at the end! This film is not realistic anyway, so why not just kill all the bad guys and have the good guys win AND ALIVE! Personally, I just don’t like people die in movies. Normally I would chose comedy, romance and animated movies. Anyway, the combination of music/sound and action is really good. Overall, I think it’s ok. It’s not as good as others put it to be or I just had a high expectation of it from the beginning due to many good feedbacks?

Oh well~ I should blog about another movie I’ve watched a couple of days agao. It’s a korean movie and is not as serious. It’s a comedy. I might do that tomorrow.


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