Like I’ll give up that easily?

Why is it so hard to even type a blog post? Most of all, it’s MY OWN blog! My brain keep on restructuring sentences that I just typed and thought it would make it better; less embarrassing when people stumble across my site and read it. OMG! If I can’t write freely on my own blog then what’s the point of having it? Oki oki, I know people might read it since it’s public. But would they care about my poorly structured sentences and grammar though? I hope not. People can be pedentic but please understand that I already acknowlege my problem and don’t rub it in further. I don’t have rich vocabulary like my friend but that shouldn’t stop me from expressing my own feelings right? Anyway, let me continue.

Today, I’ve hit a road block at work. I’ve tried hard to come up of a solution to my task which I did last night and has proven that it works today. Though, idea takes time to implement and I’ve taken longer than I expected. My colleague is right. I don’t have the full knowledge about how the sites work and how the systems work.  I am setting goals and rules for myself.

Before next montly scrum meeting:

  • Gain knowlege about how the systems work; individually and collectively.
  • Gain knowldge about the three sites.
  • Learn regular expression.
  • Study ‘Code Complete’ and apply the teachings in work tasks.

Don’t ask for help until I have tried the following solutions:

  • Go through the codes line by line.
  • Check capture data.
  • Capture my own data.
  • Take a walk to refresh my mind before continuing if I’m stuck.
  • Write down the logic to see if that spark new ideas.

Let’s hope this will improve my performance and producitvity!!


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