Shopping shopping shopping~!!!

I’ve heard about the opening of a new DFO in South Wharf but have never been, since haven’t searched where it is. Last Sunday, Richard and I decided to give the South Wharf DFO a visit. We were lost on the way because we set the wrong address to the GPS XD. I went on to my phone and hoping to catch the address from the DFO site. Unfortunately, the site is created with flash and my Blackberry can’t play flash. Next, I tried the Google map app and typed ‘South Wharf’ in to the destination. It knows where it is!!! I’ve got the address from the map and Richard putted it into the GPS and we are on our way again.

The parking is not that cheap ($6 per hour) but you can get 50% discount if you are a DFO customer and the same with another store that I couldn’t remember the name. DFO is located at the basement level and it is bigger than the Southern Cross station DFO. Not every shop is having a worth buying sales. Anyway, the highlight of the day was, we bought 3 pairs of Super Dry brand jeans for around ~$120. Normally, that would probably get you one pair of Super Dry jeans or maybe not. I’ve bought 2 pairs and Richard got one. It is worth buying!!! I wasn’t going to buy at first but I couldn’t resisted the bargain and they’ve got my size as well. So why not right? They don’t have much size 26 but still got some for size 27/28. If you are interested, better go before the sales gone. Use ‘End of financial year sales’ as an excuse to shop. Or you will need to wait till Christmas for another huge sales event.

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