The infinite loop

When you were young, you want to grow up faster but once you realised you are already gorwn up, you want to be young again.  I remember I was so exicted turing 12 because I thought I was getting ‘bigger’ in age. Once I hit 24, I wanted to be 21 again. Same with the steps in life. I guess I’m just used to rant about everything and not trying to look at the positive aspects of things. A really good example is this. When I was in year 7, I wanted to go back to primary school because way less home work. Then when doing year 12 VCE, I was thinking that’s the toughest year I’m going through because the results will affect which University I can go to. Got through that and it came the first year of Univeristy. It was OMG! At that time I wanted to go back to VCE thinking it wasn’t that bad after all. Since I can’t go back in time so I was hopping to quickly finish my years of study and life will be better when I am working. I remember a friend told me how he wanted to go back to study, it’s much easier back then. I didn’t believe him. I thought to myself, how could it be better with all those assignments and exams? Now that I’m working full time, I finally understand what he meant. Ingoring the exams and assignments, you’ve got a lot of free time to do things you want. Oki. I don’t really miss Uni but do miss the holidays =P. I found my problem. I can always look back to find something good about it that I could never be able to see at the time.  It’s time to change! I should start looking forward and find what’s good about the current situation NOW instead of stucking within the infinite loop of life.


Bacon and mushroom fusilli with Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce

I recieved my 6 bottles of Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauces from Contagious Network a couple of weeks ago, 6 full bottles wrapped together in a box.

Looking through the glass jar, you can see it’s different from other pasta sauces sell in the supermarket. Bertolli is less watery and richer looking. Since then, I have been itching to cook something with it.

Pasta is the first thought that came to mind and I thought to myself, why not cook it to bring as lunch to work? On Sunday, I dragged my bf to the supermarket with me to search for ingredients. He suggested to be less meaty so I’ve only got bacon and I can’t cook my pasta without mushroom! In my mind, it would be a simple but a delicious meal.

Yesterday night, I got out my ingredients and started my little pasta project. I have choosen the ‘Grilled Vegatables’ pasta sauce and to my surprise, it does contain diced up vegatables. By the way, I didn’t use all the bacon as shown in the photo.

Basically, I diced up the bacon and washed the mushroom. Separately, I cooked the mushroom first with a pinch of salt then fried the diced bacon till cripsy. On the other hand, boiled the fusilli pasta for 11 minutes as instructed on the back of the package. When those are done, I poured the Bertollie Premium Pasta Sauce to a pot and slowly stir till warm. Mum wanted to try so I put it on a small bowl for her.

LOL…It doesn’t look too Italian when using a China bowl but doesn’t look too bad either. She said she just wanted to have a taste (as in a bite or two) but she ended up finishing the whole bowl. Ok Ok…the bowl is not huge but that proves she liked it. For the rest, I poured them into two containers. One for me and the other for my boyfriend. Again, it doesn’t look too impressive with plastic boxes but only the taste matters right?

Today, I couldn’t wait to try out my pasta. Colleagues went out to buy lunch and I walke to the kitchen to microwave my pasta. 2 minutes later, as I opened the microwave door, I could smell the pasta sauce and that increased my hunger. I sat down on the kitchen sofa and colleagues are back with their lunch. One of them asked what I’ve got there and I proudly show him my pasta!! My pasta was not bad despite the look. I loved the sauce!! The not overly sour tomato tastes opened up my appetites. I finished my lunch in less than 25 mins including the time took to walk to the kitchen and microwaving it. I wanted more but sadly, that’s all I’ve got.

Now, thinking about what to cook next. Maybe use it to make pizza?