The infinite loop

When you were young, you want to grow up faster but once you realised you are already gorwn up, you want to be young again.  I remember I was so exicted turing 12 because I thought I was getting ‘bigger’ in age. Once I hit 24, I wanted to be 21 again. Same with the steps in life. I guess I’m just used to rant about everything and not trying to look at the positive aspects of things. A really good example is this. When I was in year 7, I wanted to go back to primary school because way less home work. Then when doing year 12 VCE, I was thinking that’s the toughest year I’m going through because the results will affect which University I can go to. Got through that and it came the first year of Univeristy. It was OMG! At that time I wanted to go back to VCE thinking it wasn’t that bad after all. Since I can’t go back in time so I was hopping to quickly finish my years of study and life will be better when I am working. I remember a friend told me how he wanted to go back to study, it’s much easier back then. I didn’t believe him. I thought to myself, how could it be better with all those assignments and exams? Now that I’m working full time, I finally understand what he meant. Ingoring the exams and assignments, you’ve got a lot of free time to do things you want. Oki. I don’t really miss Uni but do miss the holidays =P. I found my problem. I can always look back to find something good about it that I could never be able to see at the time.  It’s time to change! I should start looking forward and find what’s good about the current situation NOW instead of stucking within the infinite loop of life.

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