What is Microsoft thinking?

This is just one of my normal rant about stuff and today I’ll point my finger at Microsoft. For work, I was required to download and install the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7. My colleague sent me the link to the download page which it says the download is for Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 because the SDK requires .NET Framework 4. Fair enough I proceed with the download and as I ran the setup, it thrown me a pop up stating ‘ Some Windows SDK components require the .NET Framework 4, which Setup cannot detect on this computer. If you continue with Setup, these components will not be installed…….’ then provided me with a link (which I cannot copy and need to type it out manually) to download and install .NET Framework 4.

Two questions raised in my head – 1. Why not include the .NET Framework 4 installtion with the SDK? 2. Doesn’t the download page says it is for .NET Framework 4 already so why ask me to go and download it myself?

I guess being a monopoly can allow you to do things your way then? This is not good enough!