Quarter life crisis?

Am I experiencing a quarter life crisis right now? I feel everyone has changed and I see them differently now. Am I the only one that is lag behind? What can I do? Actually I should ask myself what I really want…Do I want to change at all? Don’t want to think about it now…it’s depressing and I shouldn’t be depress…I should be happy!


He obviously wants two wives…

I was playing around with the Google Reader and I found this news article. [Mr Ling] obviously wants to live a double life and having double wives.

Lawyers for Mr Ling and Ms Hiu argued against a referral, saying the cultural embarrassment and shame would create considerable family tension.

Well too bad! He made the wrong choice so he has to face to the consequence. He has betrayed her and she should still consider about his family problem. Ha! Think again! Mr Ling, you’ve brought us shame!


Easy A movie review

Work has been so busy that I worked day and night. Finally I got the chance to sit down and write the review that’s been in my head for a month!

Last month, I attended an advanced screening of a new comedy, Easy A. It is a high school comedy where everything spawn from an ‘erotic’ lie overheard in the girl’s toilet. Olive (played by Emma Stone) used the rumour to her advantage to climb up the social ladder and to keep her reputation she turns it into a business. Marianne (played by Amanda Bynes) being a Christian activist tries to ‘reach out’ to her and Olive’s best friend has turned against her. Her parents, unlike ordinary parents, have brought a bit more to the movie. Easy A is a funny and enjoyable movie that I would recommend others to watch it.

It is out in cinema now so why not enjoy your weekend with a light hearted movie to unwind?


New toy

This is the second day I got my new toy and I am happy. Although it’s not quite what I was expected but I am having fun with it. Let’s hope I won’t regret buying it.


Happy anniversay to my existence…

It’s passed midnight already but I can still say happy birthday to myself. My birthday is on 9th September. Neat hey? Anyway, a number of things happened today and I’m grateful. First, I’ve passed my probation review and now a full-time normal worker. They were happy with my work and nothing major require work on. Then I got to have cupcake to celebrate my birthday at work. Later spent the night with close friends for hot pot dinner and after-dinner drinks.  I am happy and feel lucky to have a loving family, a wonderful boyfriend, Richard, and friends that I can trust and rely on. Thank you for every one of you making my day so special. Although I’ve dropped $10 but at least I know I’ve made who ever picked it up a little bit happier.