It’s hard to say goodbye

The friend that introduced me to this job is leaving in three days. Friday would be his last day and then he will be over sea (to Malaysia with his gf) for a year or so. I’ve been pestering him ever since I heard the news for him to come back in a year’s time. Come back to the company to be exact! He has the skill and brain. His departure is a lost to the company.

During the 10 months I’ve worked in this company, he has helped me a lot. Not only stepping me through my tasks but also giving me advices in how I could improve or what to seek for. I’m really upset that he is leaving so soon. I know I know. It’s only a year right?

Anyway, although he won’t be reading this but I wish him all the best and he better be back in a year’s time. I’ll take good care of his keyboard =P.


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