Missed out =(

Catch of the Day has this special sale today which require us to either follow them on Twitter or ‘Like’ them on Facebook, so I decided to follow. The first deal was announced at 10am AEDST. Every hour they will tweet a new deal with the link and I’ve been checking up every hour because I’ve got my eyes on the $199 Nintendo 3DS.

The irony was that I was typing to my friend saying COTD probably won’t have the Nintedo 3DS until later when people are actually off work. I looked up to check and the deal was already announced 3 mins ago! I quickly clicked on the link and it took a bit of time to load up the page. By the time the page was displayed, it was already SOLD OUT.  Not very impress but I guess I’ll wait for the Logitec headset. Wishing myself luck.


My little guy is growing hair…FAST

This is the picture I took yesterday.

You can see tiny hair shooting up.

The followings are the two pictures I took today.

See how fast it has grown! I wish hair will start growing
on the other side as well to balance it up.

I did a tour around the office to show everyone how
cute my little buddy is =D. Every office needs a bit of
green don’t you think? 😉