Another minor achievement

On the 9th October 2011, I finished my first 10km race with friends and Richard by my side. I wasn’t alone. We joked about how we should join the 10km Melbourne Marathon event although half of us weren’t very ‘running active’ at the time. It was rather a surprise how we got all hyped up and registered for the race together during the next time we met. Well, one of my friend, Jacky, had already entered like a week before. That was like 3 months before the big day. ¬†We trained separately and I did more running then I used to. Just a week before the race, I had injured my right foot while running on the treadmill. I am unsure how that happened; strangely the runners I used to wear is cramping my foot quite badly to the point it hurts to even walk. I took a couple of days off training to rest but I didn’t want to wear the same runners again. This is my next mistake – I wore a basketball type shoes to run. It was ok at first but my right foot hurts again after 10 mins into running on the treadmill. I ran out of shoes option so decided to wear the basketball type shoes on the day of the race. From this experience, I can say it’s really important to find the right type of runners that suit you! It was difficult during the race, I made few stops every now and then because my foot was hurting. Luckily, Richard was willing to stay behind and run along with me while my other friends sprinted off in front. Well, I wasn’t going to pull their legs and force them to stay behind with me =P.

After the race, I was complaining how difficult it was and it’s going to be a once in a life time experience. Now in¬†hindsight, it was a precious experience because I’ve got to finish the race with my friends (well not together at the same time but we made it through together) and I would love to do it again!

My friends, will you join me next year?

Oh, and I’m happy to have added another medal to my collection although it’s only a participation medal =P. I’ve got one from running the 5km Run Melbourne event back in July.