Sleeping early failed

My plan to sleep early failed miserably after the night I typed up my previous blog entry. It’s not that I hadn’t tried but I kept waking up in the middle of the night for no particular reason. It could be the heat or the fact I was sick with block runny nose. Tonight, I stayed up to watch the soccer game as well. Sigh. I’m really bad at sleeping early.

On an up note is, I think my tummy is not as stuck out as before. I did eat more healthy in smaller portion, going to gym more, skip supper and drink more water. I wonder which did the trick. However, I’m still craving for some junk food every single day! I’m going to take a break next Friday to enjoy some nice food plus drinks with friends and Richard. This will be a break I look forward to hahahahaha………hungrrrryyyyyyyyy….better go to sleep.


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