Slowly shaping up?

2 weeks to go till my sister’s wedding. We went to buy another bridesmaid dress since for some reason the previous can’t be wear. This one is dolly type so I don’t need to worry about my tummy anymore. Ha! You think that will stop me from continuing my work out? I’ve been following the aerobic exercise from Jung DaYeon (鄭多燕) . She is Korean but famous throughout Asian because she was able to shape up her body in 3 months and she doesn’t look like a 40+ years old, mother of 2 children.

You can find a lot of YouTube clips of her exercise. The one I’m following is only 15mins, good duration for someone like me that’s all tired after work. I think I’m shaping up a little. My tummy is flatter than before but not seeing much difference on my arms and legs though. My friend did comment my face look skinnier =D. I’m going to continue with the exercise and to eat better. I’m craving for ice-cream though so I might treat myself to a mini drumstick later =).

Good luck and don’t give up to all those girls that want to shape up like me!

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