Life is as you create it to be…

It’s so easy to look at others and be wishing you were them right now. It’s like grass is always greener on the other side. We put our energy to focus on what others have instead of focusing on what we’ve already got. Many many times, I’ve been caught in moments that I wish I was someone else because they were doing things that I have not done or too scared to do. One of my girlies has told me, life is about choices, at the end of the day nothing is set in stones so you can choose what you want to do or to change. Really, it’s easier to say than do. I am still practising positive thinking and try to surround myself with positive energy. I do not want other people’s negative thoughts affect me so I decided to avoid if possible or try to lure them out from their dark zones.

Like today, mood swing kicks in and I got upset. Instead of hiding in my room and be curl up in a ball, I brought my dog out for a walk as well as to buy takeaway for my dad. Fresh air and the open space help to cheer me up a bit. I wanted to get a cup of coffee/hot chocolate too but I had no hands and no pole to tie my dog so I could order. Oh well. At night, I started clicking through e-bay wanting to shop for a ring…nothing in particular just want to shop and de-stress. I’ve ended up buying a lot of different jewellery like ring, necklaces, ear rings and etc with none cost more than $2.5 and all were free shipping. I bought from the same seller because I want to receive my goodie package in one go =P. That cheers me up. Regular exercises are needed as well. I went to body combat today because I missed the Wednesday class. The sweat, the kicking, the punching…..man that felt great.

The reason I’m writing this blog is to remind myself that I’ve already got a lot of stuff already and have the ability to do things that makes myself happy. I just need to take a step forward and just do it. It’s just like I avoided doing body combat before when my bf asked me to try because in my mind  I would be so uncoordinated and people will laugh at me. Yes, I super duper care about how others see me. Really this is stupid, I shouldn’t care that much. Anyway, when I finally decided to give it a try, I did not regret it one bit. I should probably kick myself for not doing it sooner. So you see Sandy, life is full of choices and you’ll never know if it’s good or not until you take a risk and try. Continue to practice to stay happy and be happy with yourself.