Starting the day with breakfast…

Recently there is less of sleeping in on weekends but is still the two days I look forward to each week. To be fair not that many people would look forward to a work day unless it is pay day. Anyway, Richard and I started to go to cafes for breakfast. Although it is not a mission to try as many cafes as we can but we have tried a few over the last couple of months. I have some pretty funny experiences too – a ghost with boobs drawn on my cappuccino and drinking a ‘bucket’ of coffee that is as large as my head. As for last Saturday and today, Richard’s brother brought us to two different cafes in South Melbourne. Apparently very famous as both shops were packed with people plus more queuing in a line out side. The two places is called St. Ali and Cherz Dre respectively; walkable distance between the two. I ordered the breakfast special today and it came with thick delicious salmon. We also ordered the baguette with raspberry jam to share. I am not a jam person but I have to say I considered of buying a jar to bring home if they sell them. My mouth just watered thinking about the food.

It makes me happy being able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and breakfast with Richard in the morning. During weekday I hardly have breakfast and coffee would get cold while I pushed it aside to work on tasks (although I could reheat it in the microwave). Anyway I better head to shower and sleep, need to wake up early for breakfast again. I think we will be going to the cafe near home, Graceland Cafe, who decorates my coffee with boobies. Maybe I should a blog post about it tomorrow. Hm…thinking of doing random posts on food and drink…hahaha.

Hmmm. So I realised my blog post was saved to draft instead of publish.

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