Goodbye MSN

Today marks the last day of MSN and then we will be forced to upgrade to Skype. I still remember the pre-installed Window Messenger in Windows. But of course, I wanted something more fancy so downloaded the one off the web. One of the attractive features from MSN is that you can share custom emoicons. Many other users (I’ve read off forums) stayed with MSN due to this very feature. Questions were asked in the Skype community forum about bringing features over to Skype but custom emoicons seem to the main focus, but so far, no response from Skype or maybe I have not searched hard enough.

No more changing name according to the mood at the time, no more changing name just because I can. The status bar is just not the same! I can understand you don’t want to divert effort into maintaining two programs especially one can help to make profits (buying credits to make calls) while the other one is offered free. Sigh. Another piece of teenage memory gone.

I’ll miss you, MSN.