Not happy with my tablet case

I like to keep my gadgets protected with case and screen protector. Naturally I’ve got myself a case from eBay for my Samsung Note 10.1. It looks good at first with the front pads and allowing 360 degree rotation from the back cover. I’ve been using it for almost a year and did not suspect a thing until my boyfriend removed the tablet from its case. He was curious to see if it fits his Sony tablet. To my horror, when I flipped my tablet around and I saw a circle scratched around the Samsung logo. It’s not shinny any more :(. It scratched off the smooth shinny surface. The scratched mark was from the ring bit where you can turn your tablet 360 degree!! Ok, if you don’t look carefully you might not see the mark but I don’t like knowing it is there. I went on eBay and bought a simpler case. No more fancy stuff and keep to basic.

I’ll upload what the case looks like later. I’m not sure if others have experienced the same as me or I’m just bad luck :(.


Nothing….for almost 3 months

I’ve bought two mushroom growing kits from Victoria market almost 3 months ago. To my disappointment not a single mushroom has grew out from the pack. I’ve followed instructions from the man apart from watering bit, I admit I sometimes forgot to water them. Anyway, I hid them under the sink in the bathroom away from sun light and water before I go to shower. Apart from a thin white mould on top and some gooey mouldy dirt bit on the side, I have nothing.

Hm….I don’t know what to expect really. Thought I’ve given it enough patience? The guy said guarantee to grow but cannot say when. Man, I just want my mushroom!